As part of this year’s CAADRIA conference, we invite proposals for workshops to be held from the 20 – 22 April 2024, prior to the main conference proper.

The workshop program aims to provide an open platform for the discussion of cutting-edge topics, methodologies and their potential application in the future built environment. Workshops can vary in duration from 1 to 3 days and should relate to the conference theme – an urgent call for a critical reflection of and creative action by architecture during this challenging time of accelerating climate crisis, unrestricted data surveillances, generative AI copyright infringements, global geopolitical conflicts, hyperconcentration of digital power, post-pandemic mental health deterioration, and widespread disinformation attacks.

Workshops will take place physically, and the committee welcomes novel or innovative engagements with this technology. Submissions will be selected based on their relevance to the conference theme, and outcomes will be presented by the authors and participants during the CAADRIA conference. Workshops will also be promoted as a special feature on the CAADRIA website.

Workshops will be taught pro bono and each selected workshop team will be given up to two free conference registrations for the project leaders. 

If the submission involves authors presenting, they are still required to register for their presentation.

How to apply

Proposals should consist of a 6-10 page PDF document detailing the following:

  • The workshops’ conceptual framework, tools and objectives.
  • A brief outline of the schedule and structure of the workshop.
  • Maximum number of workshop participants.
  • Any particular requirements for workshop participants – this could e.g. be required software knowledge, access to certain tools, hardware or material, etc. Ideally, workshops should be accessible to participants of all levels.
  • The instructor(s) CV and relevant previous work examples.
  • Any affiliated institutions.
  • Contact information.

Workshop proposals can be emailed to:

Important Dates:
Proposal Submission Deadline: 8 March 2024
Workshop Acceptance Notification: 15 March 2024.
Workshop Dates: 20-22 April 2024

Open Call for Workshops